The IJAQ Curriculum is based on demonstration based learning, achieved through online pre-work to minimize class time and then in-person demonstrations to drive home learning points. This is achieved by use of the world-leading TED Rig (Training, Examination and Demonstration Rig). 

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The TED Rig offers
A. 12 flanges with fully instrumented bolts and some with gasket compression
B. Flange misalignment (adjustable)
C. Heat Exchanger module
D. Hydraulic torque and tensioner demonstrations
E. Practical test capable (results upload to the IJAQ central database)
F. Theoretical test capable (results upload to the IJAQ central database)
G. Over 50 practical demonstrations in total
The practical demonstrations are supplemented with safety moments and video training clips.
The TED Rig is constructed to create real-life practical demonstrations and includes vertical flange orientation, flange misalignment and tool clearance issues.
This enables the trainer to focus on practical demonstrations that exceed those required by ASME PCC-1 Appendix A. It includes both raised face and RTJ gasket types, in addition to a heat exchanger joint that includes the use of shoulder bolts. It also includes a clamp connector and additional other joint types can be added to the rig as required. Demonstration of correct anti-seize application and the use of torque is facilitated by the six-station nut factor station. The nut factor station uses custom designed load cells, which enables different bolt materials and conditions to be applied, in order to demonstrate the influence of those factors.
The TED Rig is used both for training demonstration and practical examination of bolted joint assemblers. It can also be used for certification of individuals who have sufficient experience and training. The certification option is used as an alternative to qualification. It confirms the knowledge of the individual, but does not comply with the requirements of the ASME PCC-1 Appendix A qualification process.